design_savant (design_savant) wrote in jungle_crews,

Hey skips...

I don't know an easy way to get in touch with all the skips on my friends list, so rather than clogging up a whole bunch of comments, I figured I'd post this here...

I started posting up an online novel tonight. It's going to have a lot of JC in-jokes and such, but it's a fairly serious attempt on my part at some literature. I'm not a great fiction writer, and all that I've had published before was non-fiction. (Did you know I had written 2 books?) But I'm making my attempt at this because I may be doing some scripting in the future for a cross-Disney storyline I am not supposed to talk a lot about at this point.

Anyway, if you have the time, and are a literate type, I'd appreciate the commentary.

I miss you guys, and big props to Steve Eng for letting me come back on Farid's last trip night and having a fantastic time.

Forever Skipper Kyle
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