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Sorry if some of this is common knowledge

So, to make the year until I'm eligible for re-hire status go by faster and smoother (yeah right) I'm reading this book called, "Mouse Tales: A Behind-The-Ears Look at Disneyland" And well, I figured that some of you would be interested to hear some of the pranks that Jungle Cruise skippers have used in years past

"Jungle Cruise skippers liked to see how many seven-minute spiels in a row they could do. One did over sixty in an eight-hour shift. He never went to lunch, the restroom or on a break. He never even got out of the boat. It's one record no one has any desire to break." And I can tell you right now, if I ever get to call myself a skipper again I will break that record

"After closing time, Jungle Cruise skippers raced the eight-foot maintenance motorboats around the lagoon in the dark. 'The trip took about three minutes, so we knew if he's not back in five muinutes, something was wrong, like the guy (who) ran up on shore," one skipper said. "But one guy missed the turn onto the Nile at the Sweitzer Falls and sank the skiff. He would have been fired, so two guys, up to their waists in muck, pulled it back to the dock, dumped the water out and put it back into the boathouse like nothing happened. Of oucrse, it didn't work the next time and no one knew why."

"...tried to fill Jungle Cruise boats with as many people as possible. Thirty-thirty-five is capacity. Once they had a boat almost full when up came a tour group of sixty kids from Mexico. They crammed three-quarters of the group on. Kids were sitting on the engine, arms were hanging out everywhere. Packed with seventy-something bodies, the boat broke down before it could leave the dock. Supervisors rushed to help unload the guests, but there were so many bodies that they filled up the next TWO boats reloading them."

"The inventive Jungle Cruise skippers could also lie in wait for their co-workers' boats. One crazy drove an empty boat out to Sweitzer Falls and spilled ketchup from little packets all over his arms. He hung out over the rail with his gun around his neck. And as the following boat passed by, he cried, 'Send Help! Send help!' ...Another prankster went to the Native Village and started dancing around with the natives in sunglasses and boxer shorts, with a broom instead of a spear." I heard Scottie pulled that one off just recently, "Others hid behind the hippo pool armed with pistols and when a driver fired his gun, his buddies fired back at him. One driver drove extra slow through the hippo pool, but instead of shooting at them, he told his group how much loved his pet hippos. When the driver of the next boat, following the normal spiel, proceeded to shoot the hippos, the first driver freaked out and shot at the second driver."

"Ever striving at one-up-manship, the Jungle Cruise captain sees his last day as his last chance atimmortality. When one arrived at the hippo pool, he ripped open his shirt, waved his rubber knife, dove in and attacked a hippo. Another tied a rope to a tree and did a Tarzan routine while a guy on board pulled out his gun and fired blanks at him. Another filled up the lagoon with bubbles. When the park found out who was responsible, they deducted the cleaning bill from his final paycheck."

This one, even though it's not JC related is just to wonderful to not tell, "On one cast member's last day he took an entire Tom Sawyer's Island raft full of people all the way around the island. A few years later, his little brother, who worked in the parking lot, hoped to outdo him. As his swan song, he planned to take a tram full of people all the way around the park, on surface streets, maybe even the freeway. The park found out and scheduled him to work the toll booth."

That's all I could find, but one I got while working at the Steam Trains. Back awhile ago, I think I was told that it happened last year sometime. Anyway, former cast-member convinced three college-aged girls to meet him in the caboose while he took a fifteen minute break. He convinced his lead to let him take his break in the caboose. Well, while back there he was given head by all three. The guy later complained to several cast-members that he wasn't able to get off with three different good looking college girls. Like that's something to tell anyone! Anyway, the story got back to management and he was fired. I dunno what this post has to do with anything, but I just thought you guys would get a kick out of some of these stories.
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