Colonel Convolusion (hauntedskipper) wrote in jungle_crews,
Colonel Convolusion

Virtual Magic Kingdom

Hey, did any of you skips see the link on the cast portal for volunteers for the beta testing program of the upcoming feature Virtual Magic Kingdom?

Well, accordidng to the advert, there's going to be a virtual JUNGLE CRUISE!
It's about time the jungle got some love!
Right Lassie? (my pet name for the african bull elephant that talks)
> Rrrrrroooaaaaaaarrrrr!
What? What was that?
> Rrrrrroooaaaaaaarrrrr! ::snort, snort:
Timmy's stuck in the well? That's the 3rd time this week! What's that kid doing in there? The water's always running, the door's always locked... haha, makes you wonder!

(credit: "The Incredible Edible Ant" spiel, use with caution) ;)
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ive heard about it but havent experienced it for myself. i heard/read that you go on safari and take pictures of all the animals.